Add Content

The New Center is a community where users can help find consensus on America’s most important issues by contributing content (subject to moderator approval) to the interactive section of the website. To contribute, click on the “Add Content” button on any issue page (e.g., Health Care, Technology), sign in with a social media account, and select from one of the following options:

Link - Allows the user to add a URL to an issue page. URL can be an article, image, or tweet.

Gallery - Provides the user the ability to create a gallery by giving it a name and adding a max of 6 images.

Poll - Provides the user the ability to create a poll by creating a poll question and adding answer options for other users to select from (max of 4 answers).

Blog - Provides the user the ability to create a blog post (including a cover image).

Debate - The debate function allows users to start a debate with other users on the platform. A debate contains 2 participants making their own arguments for 3 rounds each. After the debate is over, other users can view the arguments and vote for a winner. Debate will close 3 days after the last argument was made. Click “Debate” on the menu on the left for further instructions.