New Center Red Ink: Examining The Washington Post

Today, The New Center is excited to launch our new “Red Ink” feature, in which we will call out and contextualize the bias that is increasingly seen in mainstream news stories, as well as outlets that push an explicitly liberal or conservative worldview. “Red Ink” is modeled on the red pen editors traditionally use to mark up a reporter’s story. Unlike many fact-check sites, which police politicians and public figures for getting statistical minutiae wrong, New Center Red Ink will highlight the omissions, biases, and selective sourcing that increasingly make news articles read like opinion essays.

At a moment when public trust in the media is at an all-time low, The New Center hopes Red Ink will begin to make people aware of the subtle, not-so-subtle, and specific ways that media outlets are abdicating their responsibility to be fair arbiters of the truth.


Click here to read the original article from The Washington Post.