Today, federally protected land has grown to account for 640 million acres—or about 14% of the landmass of the entire country. And the love Americans have for public lands has grown with it. Yet America’s growing love for public lands isn’t reflected in how we treat them.

Free trade’s benefits far outweigh its costs. However, a new trade agenda is required to ensure its benefits are shared broadly and equitably across America.

The order of presidential primaries gives disproportionate influence to Iowa and New Hampshire. Many states still use outdated, vote-depressing ballot rules that should’ve gone decades ago. Here’s how to buck this trend, revamp voter turnout, and bring democracy back.

State laws discriminate against small parties and independents. Meanwhile, small parties struggle to capture votes when the public fears they’ll poach power from the major players. Politics doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time to break the two-party stranglehold with a careful review of the history books.